Fractured PI – Video Art Installation

In partnership with Estrella Mountain Community College’s Multimedia Club and Performing Arts Center, the Fractured PI has created a 10′ x 10′ x 7′  hexagonal lantern with six projectors that displays an intricate, almost 3-D dance scene from multiple angles.
Led by professor and artist, Lyle Dillie, EMCC students Rebecca Heizelman, Bo Brady, dancers Deckontee Lowery and Joseph Corona and musician Martin Wesolowski, plus others have created a dynamic 360° surrealistic video art experience.

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Artist and Producer: Lyle Dillie

Co-Producers: Rebecca Heizelman and Bo Brady

Dancers: Deckontee Lowery and Joseph Corona

Musician: Martin Wesolowski

Volunteers: David Dillie, Jim Heinrich, Leonardo Reyes, Drake Taylor, Bradley Swanson, Taylor Anne Garza, Francis Cayabyab, Kris McCray, Bronwyn Gainor, Stephanie Morecraft, Jaren J. Davis, Alyssa Soto, Tim Butterfield and Scott Morganroth

Contributing Organizations:
EMCC Multimedia Technologies Institute
EMCC Performing Arts Center
EMCC Steam Club
Arizona Steam Lab
Creative Drill Sergeants

Installation Description

Phase 1 (completed)

With camera operators wearing dark black clothing, they surround two dancers who will be wearing light colored surrealistic costumes.

Performing a dreamlike interpretive, martial art inspired, dance sequence. Once completed this provided the footage needed for the three hundred sixty degree art installation.

Phase 2 (complete)

Using the footage, we will be enabling the viewer to witness the dream from inside the circle of 6 – digital projecters. Each projectors will correspond with a unique point of view video loaded using software on a single high powered laptop computer.

Each computer will be able to sync so each point of view will start at the same time to give the illusion to the viewer that the dancers are right in front of them.

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Lyle Dillie is currently an adjunct Media Arts Professor at Estrella Mountain Community College and Media Arts Headmaster at the Creative Drill Sergeants Expressive Art Academy.

Bo Brady is a student at Estrella Mountain Community College and is Current producer of Fractured Pi, Was Director of Photography for EMCC entry to the 30 day film challenge and was a high school D.E.C.A district Champion.

Rebecca Heizelman is a current visual communication major attending Estrella Mountain Community College. Rebecca is designing and creating the light colored surrealistic costumes needed for the project.

Previous Work

Video Art Installation, A Soldiers Burden:
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A look Into the Inspiration

Like the artist Nam June Paik piece, “Electronic Superhighway” we want to create a large scale experience for a person to make them feel as if they were witnessing a spectacle.

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