Reflections of an Artifact

Underground art collaboration group Fractured PI, has created a partially animated fantasy comedy about life, love and memories through the eyes of a retired black and white actor and film editor for the 1940s era.


Made as part of the IFP Phoenix Filmmaker 2018 Challenge



Robert Edward Peters – Detective Steve Sloan
Sanda Williams – Joane Rogers
John Carr 0 John Pinestone
Warren B Hall – Artifact

Directed By: Lyle Dillie
Screenplay By: Lyle Dillie
Produced By: James Finlay
Cinematography By: Bo Brady
Edited By: Lyle Dillie

Ricky Cavazos – Assistant Director
Bo Brady – Camera Crew Lead
Robert Gorman “Bear” – Camera Crew
Justin Lundwall – Camera Crew
David Dillie – Camera Crew
Rebecca Heizelman – Hair and Makeup
Bonnie Lahr – Hair and Makeup
Francis Cayabyab – Animation
John Praprotnik – Intro Art
Justin Lundwall – Grips
Samael Jordan – Grips
Rebecca Heizelman – Sound Engineers Lead
Francis Cayabyab – Sound Engineers
Bo Brady – Sound Engineers
Samael Jordan – Sound Engineers
Slow Jazz Ident 2 / 3KTrack-Exclusive – Music
Film Noir Jazz Trio / ringmusic – Music

Associate Producers

Bonnie Lahr – Bronwyn Gainor
Kris McCray – Gina Ruggiero


Creative Drill Sergeants
Vegas Baby Bowling

Special Thanks

Derrick Wilson – Jim Heinrich – Leonardo Reyes
Rae Brown – Steven Doty  – Jack Edson Adams – Brandi Dillie

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